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We have a wide variety of groups within the Marlborough community who meet in our halls and they welcome new members. The Google Calendar shows the days and times when they meet, and for your convenience some of the groups have provided their preferred contact details should you wish to find out more or join them.

Alcoholics Anonymous Tel: 01380 729064

Art Watercolour Classes Tel: 07835 039812 Email: Colin Palmer

Boys Street Dance Tel: 07962 004 048 Email: Cheryl Heuston

Brownies Tel: 08001 695901

FrucciFit Tel: 07886 129305 Email: Matt Frucci

Karate Tel: 07557 532676 Stuart Cole

Marlborough Concert Club Tel: 01672 516610 Email: Tom Massey

Perform Tel: 0845 400 4000 Email: Gemma Payne

Scalextric Tel: 07753 936789   Email: Mark Bailey  

Sunday School Tel: 07953 267519 Email: Caroline Philps

The Ark Tel: 07953 267519 Email: Caroline Philps

Weight Watchers Reimagined Tel: 07540 784959 Email: Ashley Sandy

Yoga Tel: 07821 396430 Email: Lizzy Hawnt

So let's start with our new start up group, Weight Watchers Reimagined, on Tuesdays at 5.30pm.  For more information or to join please contact Ashley Sandy 
Weight Watchers


Perform Children's Drama, Dance and Singing classes


Our weekly workshops for 4–7 year olds are run by an expert team who create a magical space for imaginations to run free. There’s nothing like a mix of rap, rhyme, rhythm and song to help confidence soar and concentration improve. No wonder children love our classes!

Want to know more?  Watch the video or book a free introductory class email Gemma Payne or call 020 7255 9120 or visit their website.


Are you fed up of counting points, following time consuming diet & exercise plans, and seeing no results? Matt Frucci helps Wiltshire Ladies Lose Weight, Get Fitter & Tone Up with his ‘SHIFT Personal Training and Nutrition System!“ - right here in St Marys Church Hall. Matt Fruci is Wiltshire's Ladies Health & Fat Loss Specialist.

The FrucciFit Plan, now so popular it has become the Number 1 hirer of our hall !

* Book your free trial at, phone 07886 129305 or email Matt Frucci.

* Come along, kickstart your weight loss, and have some fun doing it.

* Look and feel great.


Or maybe you fancy some fun racing around a giant Scalextric track that fills the hall?

Contact Mark Bailey  if you would like more information and don't tell the kids!

The 1st Marlborough Brownies have met in our hall for many decades and generations of girls have had a lot of fun here They make good use of our lovely new kitchen faclities and have even twinned our disabled toilet with one in Nepal and have also twinned the one in the church with another in Tanzania!!!

Brownies snake

Brownies group

Brownies Christmas Party 2017