Hiring Conditions


1. The person hiring the venue assumes full responsibility for the behaviour of the group that they book on behalf of and must ensure that all persons using the venue adhere to these conditions. St Marys Church landlord insurance covers risk arising from the building and its fixtures and fittings, but we do not insure for any risks arising from the particular activities organised by hirers.  We therefore expect hirers to take out suitable activity insurance where appropriate.

2. When invoiced, the hiring charge for your booking is to be paid in advance.  For one off individual bookings your booking is provisional until payment is received in advance of your event.  Regular users pay monthly, termly or annually in advance unless an exception has been agreed.

3. Hirers are requested to leave the venue tidy, free of rubbish and clean; In other words as they found it (or even better !) Large amounts of rubbish, for example, following a party, must be taken away by the hirer and disposed of elsewhere.  Any chairs, tables or equipment used must be put away before you leave, stacking or storing it correctly as appropriate.  We provide washing up liquid and hot water for washing up.  You should bring with you items such as tea towels, kitchen roll, disposable cups and plates if you think you will need them.

4. Hirers are responsible for the security of the venue during their booking period.  It is important that all windows and doors are secured or locked when you leave.  Check that all kitchen appliances, taps and lights have been turned off.  Hirers are responsible for turning out lights and locking up.

5. Hirers are expected to work co-operatively with, and with due consideration to, other hirers, particularly when there is a rapid change-round time between hirers.  You must not enter the venue before your booked start time and must leave by the end of your booked session.  This is very important when sessions are booked back to back and also to ensure that other hirers are not disturbed during their booking.

6. Any damage should be reported to the Bookings Manager, so that it can be repaired promptly.

7. Our venues are not available for activities which conflict with Church of England ethics; in particular, they will not be hired out for gambling and associated activities.

8. The person hiring the venue is required to comply with the Parish Safeguarding Policies which can be accessed by the following links: Children's Policy and Vulnerable Adults Policy. A hard copy of these policies may be obtained from the Team Office on request, please follow this link for contact details.

9. Because of the residential nature of its environs, our venues will not be hired out for noisy activities, in particular teenage parties.  

10. We do not hold a public licence to sell alcohol but will allow licence holders to bring small quantities of wines and beers onto the premises, provided that the primary purpose of the occasions is not the provision of alcoholic beverages.