How to Book

To request use of the hall, simply check availability on the live calendar and book your slot now!

If you would like to hire the hall, please use the booking form at the foot of this page to email the Bookings Manager for straight forward bookings, or click on the email link if you have any queries.  Before sending your request, please check the availability of the main hall on our live calendar (link above). Use the blue arrow to advance to the week you want, or change to month or agenda views.  Any calendar booking information can also be printed if required.  If an event is shown on the calendar at a time you want, unfortunately you will not be able to book that particular time slot, so no need to ask!  However, you may still be in with a chance if the calendar entry is shown as a provisional booking ('Prov' or 'Slot').

When contacting the Bookings Manager, please state what you want to use the hall for (do check that it conforms to our Conditions of Hire first), the date and fully inclusive time required, your name, a phone contact and a postal address.  Our Google Calendar can also be used to check that your paid bookings are listed correctly – please contact the Bookings Manager by email if you notice any errors.

SM Church Hall Main Entrance

Request a Booking in the Church Hall

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