St George's Rotas and Helpers

Rota of Assistants

If you would like to help with services in any capacity (reading, serving, welcoming etc) or volunteer to help clean the church (we have a large rota meaning people help out a couple of times a year) the Churchwardens would love to hear from you.

Flower Arrangers

St George's is regularly decorated with beautiful flowers provided by a dedicated group of ladies co-ordinated by Prue Groffman.  This can be for events such as weddings, festivals or just to brighten the church for Sunday service.  If anyone would like to help with the flower arranging please contact Prue through the clergy or Churchwardens.

If you are arranging an event such as a wedding please discuss plans for any flowers with the Churchwardens as the building is listed and we need to be careful not to damage the structure of the building or its fittings.

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