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Mission 2017

During 2017, as in previous years, St Mary’s will continue to give financially to a number of different missionary charities. The range and variety of the causes we support help to demonstrate the part we play in God’s worldwide church.

We are fortunate to live in a place seemingly sheltered from many of the hardships and worries that are common elsewhere and have honoured the biblical principle of tithing our money by giving 10% of our income to the causes and charities mentioned in this leaflet. The Charities we support are reviewed annually.

Below is a very brief outline of the various initiatives supported by the generous giving of time, talents and tithing by our church community - please do visit the websites provided for more information.

Helping Hands

Helping Hands is a local outreach project that started in 2014, initially as a pilot, and now adopted as an ongoing project. Volunteers from St Mary’s have reached out to a number of families in our local area, including redecorating rooms, external work and help with overgrown gardens and providing meals for families.

Working with the Parent Support Advisor (PSA) at our local schools, people who are in need of some practical support from Helping Hands are identified.

All those involved have felt that the projects have had a positive impact on their lives.

The work follows some basic principles:

• The recipient is in genuine need and is prepared to support the work, for example by providing tea and coffee, so they will have a sense of ownership.

• There will be no expectation that the recipient will be coming to church.

• St Mary’s Church will provide labour free of charge and materials are paid for out of the mission fund.

• We respect people’s religious views or absence thereof and maintain a strict confidentiality

We are keen to continue the work of Helping Hands by reaching out to people in our local community. We intend to widen our scope beyond working via the PSA and hope to identify others in need, through other local organisations.

We hope to establish and nurture good relationships within our community, giving people the confidence to approach us when they, or someone they know, are in need of our helping hands.


Alabaré has 25 years of experience of supporting some of the most vulnerable people in our community: rough sleepers, home-less young mums and their babies, people fleeing domestic violence, young people leaving the care system, those with men-tal health and learning difficulties and veterans struggling to live with life outside of the military. Ann Yates, St Mary’s member, supports Alabaré.

 Church Mission Society (CMS)

CMS was started in 1799. Today it is a community of people, called to join in God’s mis-sion, working in 40 countries across Africa, Asia, South America, the Middle East, Europe and the UK. CMS is committed to helping Christians in the UK received the gifts of the

global church. St Mary’s supports a couple, through CMS, who are leading a church in North Africa. Working in a predominantly Muslim community presents many challenges, but there are rewards too. When they return to the UK on leave the couple visit St Mary’s to give feedback about their mission.

The Shonda Project

The Shonda Project is a small independent charity working to provide affordable primary education to young people in Shonda, Kenya. Started in 1993 to educate children out of poverty, initially by building a Primary School in the village of Shonda. Based in a mixed community of Christians and Muslims, the school has a Christian ethos and respects and welcomes children of all faiths.

After 24 years the school is thriving and a whole generation of children, educated at the school are able to contribute to the local economy. The school now ranks 9th out of 200 schools in the area. Simon and Sheila Mills, St Mary’s members, support Shonda.

Sharing Ministries Abroad (SOMA)

SOMA works for the transformation of individuals and churches and the healing of communities and their lands through the renewing power of the Holy Spirit. This is through Intercession, Prayer and sending short-term Mission Teams across the Anglican Communion. Revd Dr David Maurice has been actively involved in teams going to South Sudan, Uganda, Kenya and Madagascar.

St Michael’s School, Busembatia, Uganda

St Michael’s School has been supported by St Mary’s for many years, we will continue to do so in respect of Lizzie Beach-MacGeagh who died in 2010. The school was formed to advance the education and welfare not only of the approximately 600 children registered, but also its close neighbour and sister school, Bishop Williger’s Secondary School. Run as a small charity with no overheads, such as salaries or rent, they are able to ensure that all donations go to where they are needed, striving towards a better education for the marginalised “girl child” of Uganda. Keith and Jenny Fryer, St Mary’s members, are our contacts.

Sudan Medical Link

The Salisbury Sudan Medical Link was set up in 1983 by Bishop John and Jill Baker as an offshoot to the Sudan Link. Its focus is the distribution of primary health care kits, training of medical workers and funding of health awareness projects, mainly in South Sudan. Mike Maclachlan, a member of St Mary’s, is the administrator.

United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel (USPG)

USPG is a major Anglican mission agency working alongside churches and communities in over 50 countries around the world, providing resources, people, money and ideas necessary to meet local needs. Their work involves pastoral care, social action and support of training programmes.

Willows Counselling Service

Willows is a charity providing a professional counselling service, it is also a training agency based in Old Town, Swindon.

Willows provides services for adults in the local community and alongside other outreach projects to deliver counselling services in Old Town as well as, Parks, Pine-hurst and Penhill. Willows have also provided services in collaboration with other agencies including the NSPCC, Barnardo's, Salvation Army, Family Centres and local churches in providing counselling and training.

Christian Aid

Although not supported as a separate charity by St Mary’s, Christian Aid Week, events and crisis donation appeals, when required, are actively supported in our church and ecumenical community.

Please contact Bryan Castle, Chair of Marlborough Christian Aid Committee, for more information:

If you would like to know more about the work of St Mary’s or the charities we support, please contact the Team Rector:

Andrew Studdert-Kennedy 01672 512357

or the chair of the Mission Committee:

Simon Mills 01672 861632


Produced on behalf of St Mary’s PCC by the Mission sub-committee.