Love Marlborough

Love Marlborough

Love Marlborough is our new initiative offering hope and help in troubled times.
We have a group of volunteers, known to the church, who are ready to help with prescription collection, food shopping, or perhaps just picking up a paper. If you need help please don't be too proud to ask! 

You can contact Simon Mills via email or phone on 07982 199583.

If you have time to offer please make an offer to Simon too using the same contact details.

Love Marlborough Kids Meals - started August 2020.

Kymee Cleasby has pioneered this new ministry and writes: ‘We are now helping 12 families in the centre of Marlborough, and leaflets have gone out here and in surrounding areas. Thank you all for your prayers, support, encouragement and again, most importantly, your prayers.’

Simon Mills adds: ‘We have applied for and been awarded a grant from the Wiltshire Community Foundation for £3660 to enable us to purchase food and, when times allow, deliver cooking training courses.’ Thank God for this new venture.