Marlborough Anglican Team

Making Jesus Known


This page contains the team notice sheet, weekly readings and church newsletters.

The Weekly Church Notice Sheet for Marlborough Anglican Team gives information about the Church services, diary dates and events of interest in our local community.

The notices are printed on a Thursday morning, and are available in our Churches.
If you would like something included please contact the Team Administrator.

Church Notice Sheet: 19 January 20   12 January 20

The Weekly Readings, set by the Church of England Lectionary, are available in our Churches for you to take home and use during the following week. The readings in Church may change if a special service, e.g. Christian Aid, is taking place.

Weekly Readings:  19 January 20    12 January 20                      

Our Church Newsletters:

St Mary's, Marlborough produces a monthly newsletter called Grapevine (double issues for July/August and December/January). 
If you would like an article included please email Laura before the tenth day of the preceding month. Please click here for the December 2019/January 2020 edition.

St George's, Preshute Newsletter is produced bimonthly. Items for the next issue will need to be with the editor Amanda Brown by the tenth day of the preceding month. Please click here for December 2019/January 2020 edition.

St John the Baptist, Mildenhall (pronounced Minal) is represented in the monthly edition of The Parish Pump.To find out more please visit the village website