Minal Munch

Currently on hold due to Covid-19 restrictions

Minal Munch is held one Friday afternoon each month from 3pm to 4:30pm in the Village Hall. It is a community event, open to all ages, where you can come for a free cuppa and cake and have an opportunity to meet others in the village. New people often come and are always welcome.

Toys, slide and a seesaw are available and fully used by the younger children before the teenagers arrive, via the school bus, and demolish the chocolate cakes! It is always great to see such a wide range of folk from the village.

If you have not yet come to The Munch, or you are a newcomer to the village, it is a great way of getting to know people and to find out what is going on in Minal.
We look forward to seeing you soon.

Look out for the green banner outside the Village Hall to remind you when the next date is...