Disabled Access
St Mary’s has no car park, but has accessible entry and plenty of interior space due to its chaired layout. It has an accessible platform for some communion services.

St George’s has a large car park with a long, sloping gravel path to an accessible door.  There are some steps inside so the team can bring communion to you. There is also a church wheelchair that can be bought to the car park.

At St John’s it is best for those with disabilities to drive past the car park and access the church through the lych-gate. There is a no step route all the way into church with one latch gate to navigate. Inside there are some steps so the team can bring communion to you. St John’s pretty pews don’t leave a huge amount of room for wheelchairs.

St George's has a toilet with baby change facilities behind the church. St Mary’s has the same inside the building. Neither are wheelchair accessible. St John’s is building an outside toilet.

Help with hearing
All three churches have sound projection and hearing loops.

Visually impaired
St Mary’s and St George’s can offer large print Bibles and Hymn books; please just ask the sidesman. St Mary’s is the only church offering projection and they are trying to use colours helpful to the visually impaired.

Temperature control
All our churches are medieval and were built before heating was available. However, all three churches are now centrally heated and we aim to be at or above 18C on Sundays. Only St Mary’s is heated during the week, set at 13C for visitors.

Special Needs
Everyone is welcome at any of our services. St Mary’s has a long history of welcoming people with special needs.

Children are welcome at all of our services. Baby changing facilities are available at St Mary’s and St George’s. Families often enjoy St John’s square box pews.

If a child is prone to distress St Mary’s has a dedicated Tower Room where the service can be seen and heard but from behind sound proof glass.

Katie enjoys the Minal ramp

Dog at Minal